Monday, December 2, 2013

Movie Review Haikus: Captain Phillips, The World's End, Thor: The Dark World, About Time, World War Z

I've seen enough films in 2013 that it's been difficult to keep up with writing movie reviews. Thus, here are five movie review haikus for your reading pleasure. (I've done this previously, here and here.)

Captain Phillips
Two captains face off
To survive brutal tension.
Hanks wins Best Actor?

The World's End
A crassly profound
Satire; wit and wisdom for
The world's condition.

Thor: The Dark World
Dim campy action
Exists for Avengers 2.
Loki steals the show.

About Time
More than a rom-com,
Touching time-travel tale shows
The gift of presence.

World War Z
Brad Pitt flies around
To find zombie cure, brings death
And boredom with him.

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