Friday, March 7, 2014


A children's book our family has enjoyed is Oliver Jeffers' Stuck. When Floyd's kite becomes stuck in a tree, he is determined to get it out.

So he throws his shoe at it to knock it loose. The shoe gets stuck.

He throws his other shoe at it. That gets stuck too.

So Floyd fetches his cat, Mitch.

Mitch, of course, gets stuck.

This drives Floyd to finally go to get a ladder, which he promptly throws up into the tree.

Then comes a bucket of paint, a duck, a rhino, a lighthouse, a whale, a firetruck, an orangutan, and all sorts of other objects Floyd throws into the tree in order to get his kite to come down.

Finally, Floyd has an idea. Why didn't he think of this before? He runs to get a saw.

And throws it up into the tree.

Due to the enormity of the mess in the tree, the kite is finally loosened and falls to earth. Floyd happily grabs his kite and runs away, leaving behind a bigger problem than when he began.

Stuck is funny because it's true. We throw all sorts of things at our problems in an effort to solve them, only to find ourselves with a bigger predicament than when we began. It's making me ask a few questions:

Are you throwing all sorts of "solutions" to your problems that only make a bigger mess? 

What is the simple, practical, obvious solution to your present dilemma? What is your saw?

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