Friday, April 11, 2014

5 Questions to Gauge Leadership Capacity

I'm a new contributor to the LeaderTreks blog, a youth ministry organization devoted to the training and resourcing of youth leaders. This marks my first post for LeaderTreks, on how to gauge and evaluate leadership capacity in youth ministry. Read on:

I once spoke with a youth ministry friend whose job was under probation. He clearly was anxious. This evaluation was not due to sin issues, lack of ministry passion, or complaining parents or teenagers. The issue, as explained by his superiors, was this: “Attendance is down in your program, so we’re unsure about your leadership capacity. You may have reached the maximum level of your leadership." 

What they meant was, “The crowds aren’t as big as they once were. The program doesn’t feel as cool or engaging. Maybe you aren’t a good leader.” 

This wasn’t the healthiest means of leadership evaluation. It failed to truly evaluate my friend or position him for success. He became less focused on his personal development and growth. And he watched his fluctuating attendance like a hospital monitor plugged into his ministry. If attendance ever flat-lined, his job was over. 

How do you measure leadership capacity?

Does successful ministry leadership mean attracting bigger crowds? Appearing hip, trendy, and cool? Growing a social media presence? Giving passionate talks? Is it possible to discern a person’s maximum level of leadership? That makes it sound like ministry a role-playing game, and we’re merely trying to “level up” as leaders.
I believe we can measure leadership capacity, but it’s not determined by program attendance. Our analyses should be more qualitative than quantitative. Here are five questions to better evaluate leadership capacity.
Click here to read the five questions

What do you think: how do you measure leadership capacity?

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