Friday, May 23, 2014

Completely Random

Here is a compilation of my random thoughts, questions, opinions, and life-happenings, pieced together in a patchwork tapestry of randomness.


-Chad Smith vs. Will Ferrell Drum-Off:

-Egalitarian/Complementarian: The one argument I've never heard brought up in regarding gender roles in church leadership: wouldn't the one pastoral leadership role that everyone can agree a female would be unwise to inhabit is "pastor of men's ministry," just as a man shouldn't be the "pastor of women's ministry?" I recognize this doesn't apply to many churches (mostly larger evangelical churches with gender-specific programs), but it's still something worth considering.

-Spike Jonze, Wes Anderson, and Noah Baumbach. All were born in 1969. All are indie auteur filmmakers who make quirky and affecting films. All look strikingly similar (see below):

My hypothesis: they're triplets separated at birth. Or clones. At least cousins.

-Music From 2014 I Really Like So Far (in no particular order):
  • Warpaint - Warpaint 
  • John Mark McMillan - Borderland 
  • William Fitzsimmons - Lions
  • Switchfoot - Fading West
  • Katie Herzig - Walk Through Walls
  • Audrey Assad - Death Be Not Proud EP
  • Tycho - Awake
-Upcoming 2014 Movies I Want To See:

Mood Indigo (dir. Michel Gondry, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind)

Boyhood (dir. Richard Linklater, Before Midnight)

Life Itself (dir. Steve James, Hoop Dreams)

Intersteller (dir. Christopher Nolan, Inception)

-Harry Potter. After years of resistance, and having never seen any of the films, I've finally begun reading the beloved Harry Potter series. I didn't avoid them due to the witch/wizard themes; I just didn't want to jump on a time-consuming bandwagon to read all the books. I'm currently in the middle of book two, and while they're good books, they aren't as captivating or well-written as I had imagined. (I recently re-read Lowry's The Giver, a far more interesting and thoughtful children's book).

-Back to School. I'm taking another summer theology course at Regent College: "Heaven, Hell, and Everything in Between" with John Stackhouse. I keep getting more questions about heaven and hell from teens and young adults, and I've been eager to take a Stackhouse class, so this will be an interesting week of theological growth.

Any random interesting stuff going on in your life? Share in a comment.

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