Wednesday, November 19, 2014

What I'm Working On

Just thought I'd give a brief update on some of my recent writing and speaking projects:

LeaderTreks. I regularly write blog posts for LeaderTreks, and recently wrote a two-part series on evangelism and discipleship (and why those aren't opposites). From Good News Sharers: Giving Students a Language for Evangelism and Disciple-Making:
Training students to view themselves as disciple-makers and bearers of the good news of Jesus is essential before they can grow as confident gospel-sharers. Sharing the gospel is more than just one of many tasks for Christians; it’s an identity we embrace. When evangelism is isolated as just another religious obligation, or something only specially gifted uber-Christians can do—e.g., evangelists or pastors—students’ desire to share their faith may become stunted or questioned.
From Show and Tell: Remove Students' Crippling Fear of Sharing the Gospel:
Ultimately, evangelism doesn’t make sense if our lives are not being transformed by the good news of Jesus. If we’re all tell and no show, our message won’t come across as good news. One of the recurring reasons Millennials are leaving the church in college is that they view Christians as hypocrites. That’s not a guilt trip to force students to act perfect (that’s impossible). But it is a push for students to match their message with their actions. They should live lives of humility and service, not criticism and condemnation, to demonstrate the effects of grace in their own lives. Encourage students to follow Jesus and grow deeper in relationship with him, and they’ll find themselves more equipped and open to sharing about their relationship with him.
Youth Worker Journal. I wrote a full article for YWJ's November/December issue entitled Jesus Goes to the Movies: Helping Students Develop a Theological Framework for Watching Films. An excerpt:
When we engage with the powerful medium of film with thoughtfulness, humility and a posture of receiving, we can begin to model to students not only a theological understanding of film, but also a healthy posture for our relationship with the Divine Artist. We look for the grace and truth of Christ in all corners of culture, asking deeper questions, being honest about our own boundaries and brokenness. In the darkness of the cinema and the brilliance of the silver screen, His presence is there. 
Leading Up Webinar. Just after the second birthday of Leading Up: Finding Influence in the Church Beyond Role and Experience, I'll be leading a webinar for Catholic youth workers in Delaware about the concepts in Leading Up and ways for discouraged or frustrated youth workers to navigate the difficulties of church politics and environments. The cool part about webinars--I get to see and interact with awesome youth workers from across the globe in the comfort of my own home.

If you'd like me to write for your publication or speak to your group, just contact me here!

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