Tuesday, June 2, 2015

The Parable of the Backwards Bike

Check out this fascinating 8-minute video on riding a reversal bike and the incredible power/limits of the human brain:

Money quote: I had the knowledge, but I didn't have the understanding.

Consider this reversed bicycle a parable for Christian ministry and spirituality.

What are the practices and methods we've been using for so long, we can't imagine anything else?

What are the ruts in our individual and collective Christian minds?

What are the ways we need to rethink/relearn/represent the Gospel in our culture?

Where do we have knowledge, but if we're honest, we need to grow in understanding?

How does our pride affect our performance in ministry? Where are we acting like we can confidently ride the reverse bicycle, when we're really falling on our faces?

What disciplines do we need to incorporate into our personal lives and communities--like practicing reverse bike-riding daily for eight months--in order to see transformation in the long term?

What paradigms or habits would need to cease for us in order to start thinking and acting in new ways?

What other parallels and lessons can you find from this backwards bicycle parable?

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