Monday, August 10, 2015

Coming Soon:

With my new book releasing tomorrow, August 11, I wanted to let you know about another exciting development: my new website,

I've been writing about movies on my blog here since its inception in 2007. You can read my first Mayward Blog movie review about the documentary, God Grew Tired Of Us, here. My blog's original intention was to be about the Mayward family's everyday life, musings, and experiences, just an online journal for friends and family. Since then, it's evolved to become an online outlet for my writing about faith, film, youth ministry, leadership, culture, theology, and all sorts of other stuff. The audience has widened to include newfound film- and ministry-loving friends. There's honestly been little focus to the blog's content and themes, apart from my authorship--I just write about the stuff I like to write about!

Over the years, I've wanted to develop a film-only website. This site would be a film-related cache devoted to writing reviews, essays, and provide film-related resources, such as film discussion guides for families, youth groups, or small groups to use. The site would explore the intersection between film and spirituality--particularly Christian spirituality--and critically examine films through that lens. I recognize that my audience would most likely be evangelical Christians to begin with, but would hopefully also include any cinephile or film-lover interested in exploring the spiritual dimensions of film. I'd also hope to feature fellow film critics' reviews and point people to other excellent articles and resources about film and spirituality. This website would be more than a series of Joel's thoughts on movies--though it would certainly include those!--and expand to become a reservoir of resources for those interested in the theological dimension of movies.

That website is now here in the form of Cinemayward. The current tagline is "Reviews, essays, resources, and musings on film and spirituality." The final website isn't ready to launch yet, but there is a Facebook page you can like and follow. On the page, I've been posting my capsule reviews of films I've recently watched, and hope the Cinemayward page will grow to include full reviews from in the near future, as well as links to other great online content from excellent film critics. I also plan to include film discussion guides on the website, just like the 50 guides included in my new book.

This website,, will remain as my personal blog, filled with the same musings on all the same stuff--film, youth ministry, leadership, theology, culture, and life. There will just be unique film-related content at, so you'll want to subscribe to the website and check back often for when it's fully launched (I'll announced it here on my blog and via social media). And thank you, dear readers, for continuing to read, like, and share my writings. I hope to continue to be an encouraging and thought-provoking voice here on the Internets.

Tomorrow, I'll be sharing how to win a free copy of my new book, Jesus Goes to the Movies: The Youth Ministry Film Guide. For now, go to the Cinemayward Facebook page and like it in order to participate in the contest.

Photo Credit: Alex (Creative Commons)

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