Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Jesus Goes to the Movies is Here!

My new book, Jesus Goes to the Movies: The Youth Ministry Film Guide, releases today! Here's what awesome youth ministry and film people are saying about it:

"Students love movies. A lot. This is good because movies can teach us a thing or two about our world. In Jesus Goes to the Movies, Joel Mayward helps youth workers understand how film can be a tool for teenagers to better love God. As a film critic, I love this book. As a youth pastor, I love it even more."
-Wade Bearden | @wadehance
Student Pastor, Houston, TX
Staff Writer at Christ and Pop Culture
Cohost of Seeing and Believing (film and TV podcast)

"Joel Mayward and I both love movies and, more importantly, love Star Wars with all of our hearts. Jesus Goes to the Movies will help you more deeply understand what you’re seeing on the silver screen and how to help connect your students to the teachings of Jesus in the media they consume."
-Josh Griffin | @joshuagriffin
High School Pastor, Saddleback Church

"For anyone working in youth ministry, as well as parents and teachers of Christian young people, Jesus Goes to the Movies is a resource you will want to study and share. Joel Mayward presents a balanced, thorough, discerning, and eminently practical overview of how Christian young people can receive movies in a manner that grows them in their faith. Every church and youth group and Bible study should have a copy of this resource!"
-Brett McCracken | @brettmccracken
Author of Gray Matters and Hipster Christianity

I'm so excited about getting this book out there into the hands of youth workers, pastors, parents, and young people, as well as anyone who loves--or even just sorta likes--movies. I'm terrible at self-promotion, but I genuinely believe this book could make a significant impact not only in how you view movies, but in how you view Jesus.

If you read Jesus Goes to the Movies, can you do three things for me? First, I'd love to hear how the book impacts you, your family, or your ministry, so please send me your encouraging feedback and stories via email. Second, take a minute and leave a positive review on Amazon.com. Every review helps! Third, go and like the Cinemayward Facebook page and follow Cinemayward on Twitter. It's a way to keep up with ongoing content building off what I've written in JGTTM.

Order your copy today at The Youth Cartel or Amazon
Here's how you can get a free copy of Jesus Goes to the Movies:

1. Go and "like" my new Facebook page, Cinemayward. Cinemayward.com is the new home for all my film-related writings and reviews. Read more about Cinemayward here.

2. Post a comment on the "Win a Free Copy of Jesus Goes to the Movies" comment thread with the name of your favorite film of all time.

3. Share the Cinemayward Facebook page on your own Facebook wall or with a movie-loving friend.

The contest ends on Wednesday, August 12, at noon, Pacific Daylight Time. Remember: you've gotta do all three steps to get a free book! I'll announce the winner on the Cinemayward Facebook page, and contact them about receiving a copy of Jesus Goes to the Movies. Good luck!

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