My second-most embarrassing moment involves giving a public presentation during my English literature class when I was 16 years old. (We'll have to chat, and I'll share my *most* embarrassing moment, which involves a Burger King and a bathroom.) Over a decade later, God has called and gifted me to be a communicator of the good news of His kingdom.

God has a sense of humor about these things.

Camps, conferences, colleges, retreats, and seminars--I'm passionate about sharing, equipping, and encouraging people through teaching, preaching, and sharing stories. Here are some of my talks:
  • Jesus Goes to the Movies: Movies and theology
  • The Art of Discernment: Media discernment and engaging culture
  • The Big Story: Seeing our story through the whole Gospel and the Bible
  • Heaven and Hell: What are they really like?
  • Birds and Bees: Theology of sexuality; understanding sex and dating
  • Walk in the Light: How to follow Jesus (based on the book of 1 John)
  • Origins: The beginning of everything (based on the book of Genesis)
  • Leading Up: Leading with humble confidence as a youth worker
  • Discipleship practices in youth ministry
  • Any themes of church leadership, youth ministry, film, and theology.
I teach seminars and webinars based on all of my books: Leading Up, A Parent's Guide to Understanding Sex and Dating, and Jesus Goes to the Movies.

I'm also on the team of presenters for The Youth Cartel's Best Ever Parent Training Ever, a customizable, robust one-day of training and equipping for parents of teens. Click the link to bring the Best Ever Parent Training to your church!

Contact me here (jmayward at gmail.com) about speaking for your church, retreat, school, organization, or child's birthday party.*

Here's where I'll be speaking next:


June 25-30
Theologia, George Fox University Summer Theology Institute; Newberg, OR

*I don't actually do birthday parties. I'm allergic to cake.

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